Renée recognizes the connections between the body, mind and spirit. The services I offer focus on this holistic approach. All of these must be address in order to fully heal. I envision you overcoming your obstacles and living the life you consciously choose.

Sessions with me occur at my office in San Antonio, Tx, over the phone or via Skype. The sessions are tailored to each person’s wants and needs, so the length and frequency vary, most running 1 to 2 hours. Even though we are frequently dealing with serious matters, I co-create a safe, humorous and comfortable atmosphere deep healing to occur. Most people respect my authentic nature and direct, honest approach.

What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?

Who would you be after letting go of years of guilt, shame, cultural conditioning and pain? Do you long to be free, connected and happy? Have you ever felt deeply seen, heard and understood? Are you willing to surrender to your pleasure, transform on every level and awaken to who you really are? And imagine doing that in your most important relationships! That’s what Tantra is all about – connecting yourself to your true essence and living authentically as a physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

Tantra has been around for over 5,000 years. It’s an ancient oral tradition that has been passed down from teacher to student with much of its wisdom not in written form. Its teachings expand pleasure, deepen healing and they are transformational on every level. Tantra is a spiritual, non-religious, path to enlightenment for those who seek it. It is inclusive and open for all ages, bodies, and sexual orientations.

In Tantra, sex is viewed as medicine. By practicing Tantra, you’ll learn powerful healing meditations that allow you to be more present, learn the art of self-pleasuring for increased energy and enjoyment, awaken your senses to experience life in rich and meaningful ways, heal blocks to bliss, connect to your true essence and learn to live your life authentically. Now imagine bringing that into your intimate relationship(s). What would be different if you were fully connected (body, mind and spirit) with your mate? In Tantra, you will be learning new skills to delight and excite yourself and your partner(s) – discovering what works instead of just guessing.

Tantra Sessions

Pleasure Package – 4 sessions

Pleasure is your birthright. How comfortable are you with pleasure – giving and receiving? Do you have enough of it in your life? Do you and your partner ever feel disconnected or out of sync? Do you want to experience even more fulfillment and satisfaction beyond your imagination? You’ll be learning new skills to delight and excite yourself and your partner(s); no more guesswork. When you reconnect with your body, mind and spirit, it’s like coming home to you, the Real You.

Awakening Package – 12 sessions

This package builds and expands on the Transformation Package. You’ll be taking your healing and sexual journey to the next level. How would it be to move through numbness and disconnection? What if bliss is possible to experience on a regular basis? What would be different if you were reaching higher levels of consciousness? In Tantra, every orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment. Spark something in you that you didn’t know was there. Becoming one with yourself and another is awe-inspiring and empowering. If you’ve experience any type of sexual assault or trauma then this is the minimum recommended package. Receive two free special gifts. ($60 value)

Transformation Package – 8 sessions

This package builds and expands on the Pleasure Package. Tantra has a variety of tools for healing. Are all your needs being met on a regular basis? Have you been searching for your mate with little to no results? Or do you repeat the same unhealthy patterns in your relationships? You will be digging into the root of these challenges, letting go of guilt and shame, and surrendering to what is possible. If you have erectile dysfunction, early / rapid ejaculation, or difficulties with orgasm then this is the minimum recommended package. Receive a free special gift. ($20 value)

Mastery Package – 16 sessions

This package builds and expands on the Awakening Package. For those who truly desire to make Tantra a way of life then this is for you. Do you feel like something is missing? Maybe there is more to your life and you’re not sure what it is? Have you found your purpose? You’ll break down walls and discover who you really are. While moving through judgement, you’ll fall in love with yourself and others over and over again. As you tap into previously unknown energy reserves, you’ll realize that you have infinite creative potential to live the life you choose. Your new magnetic nature will allow you to manifest with ease. Co-create an ongoing Tantra practice. Receive two free gifts and text / email support. ($960 value)


2-Hour Workshops

The Art of Self-Pleasure – We begin enjoying our genitals in the womb.  It is a natural experience that often continues an entire life-span.  This workshop is based in Tantric practices utilizing breath work, meditation, ancient techniques and conscious touch to bring self-pleasure to new levels.  Have the awareness that pleasure has no limits, and can lead to healing as well as enlightenment.

Jade Egg (beginning) – Would you like to have a happy and healthy vagina? This class helps female bodies overcome the disconnection and numbness often associated with sexuality.  Learning the Jade Egg practice expands orgasmic pleasure, balances out the female cycle, cultivates sexuality, clears blockages, increases the sense of well-being and reduces or eliminates incontinence.

Lingam Massage – Lingam is a Sanskrit word for the male genitalia. Learn how to  worship his Wand of Light through Tantric practices including breath, pleasure techniques, massage, healing and connection.  Afterwards, men often report more sensation (especially if circumcised), heightened pleasure, a deeper connection to their body, and the healing of pain and wounds from past intimate relationships.

Prostate Massage – This Taoist practice is viewed as a necessity for male bodies overall health and well-being.  Discover safe ways to give a prostate massage to yourself and others which is highly pleasurable due to the thousands of nerve endings involved.  It has been known to improve urine flow, help alleviate erectile dysfunction, reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer, and heal stored trauma.

Yoni Massage –   Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia.  Learn how to worship this Sacred Space through Tantric practices including breath, connection, pleasure techniques, massage and healing techniques.  Afterwards, women often feel more connected to their body and experience a deep healing of emotional pain such as guilt and shame.  They are able to receive more pleasure as well.

Your Sensual Self – We experience life through our 5 physical senses – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.  Get out of your head and into your body.  This  workshop focuses on expanding all of the senses and combining them in unique ways to enhance your sensual, sexual and intimate connections with yourself and your partner(s).  Bring more pleasure, joy and freedom to your experiences.

4-Hour Workshops

Energetics of Sex – This class is an introduction to Tantric ideas and practices.  You will discover how sex is much more than just a physical act. It includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.  Through activities and exercises, you will learn how to expand your understanding of sex and your sexual skills to bring more enjoyment and connection to yourself and your partner.

 Jade Egg (intermediate) – Build upon the skills learned in the beginning Jade Egg class.  Overcome the guilt and shame often associated with female sexuality. Feel more confident and express your sexual self with more ease and freedom.  All tools provided.  (Prerequisite – Jade Egg beginner)

1 Day Workshops

Yoni Yoga – Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia meaning Sacred       Space.  Use movements and sacred elements to expand the connection to your true sexuality.  Learn techniques that enrich and enliven the yoni to feel more connection, heal wounds / trauma, and to increase pleasure.  Merge your physical pleasure with the spiritual and awaken the divine feminine.

Lingam Yoga – Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male genitalia penis meaning Wand of Light.  Learn to improve the overall function and health of the lingam.  Practice exercises to strengthen and lengthen it, improve circulation in the genitals, expand the duration of erections, and increase your pleasure and orgasms.  Gain  more confidence in yourself.  Learn common challenges and solutions to them.

2 Day Workshops 

Ejaculation Mastery / Semen Retention – Our society puts a lot of pressure on men to perform.  This workshop will help men to embrace their whole sexual self. Let go of shame or guilt surrounding your sexuality.  Step into your confidence and power, both personally and sexually.  Learn techniques to increase your stamina, staying power, and prowess. Discover the full range of orgasms for men.

How to Please a Woman – Learn physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual techniques to please almost any woman.  These include multiple types of kissing, breast play and yoni massage.  Discover the roadmap for multiple orgasms and female ejaculation.  Help your woman feel relaxed and comfortable in her body. Create a safe container leading to profound healing and improved sexual pleasure.

How to Satisfy a Man – Learn physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual techniques to satisfy almost any man.  These include multiple types of kissing, oral pleasuring techniques, lingam massage, prostate massage and multiple orgasms.

Learn to expand the duration of his sexual pleasure and create more intimacy both in and out of the bedroom.

Zen Tantra (Levels 1 – 7) – These workshops are holistic in nature and encompass the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of sexuality.  All  courses include meditations, healings, breathing techniques, awakenings, powerful transformations, and tools to enhance connection, intimacy and pleasure. Experience individual, paired and group exercises.  There is no nudity and all demonstrations are practiced on anatomically correct dolls or outside of class.  This is open to singles and / or all relationship styles.   It is recommended to take these classes in consecutive order.

Level 1  “Journey to Consciousness™” – This workshop centers around healing disconnections, numbness and loss held in the body.  Practice pelvic floor exercises to increase connectedness to your body, physical pleasure and ability to orgasm.   Learn about the Physical Sex Level and discover the intricacies of the male and female sexual anatomy.  Clear limiting beliefs from your family of origin.  Enjoy being safe in your body while feeling pleasure.

Level 2  “Enliven the Senses™” – This workshop centers around healing guilt, shame, and rejection.  Deepen your connections with others.  Learn about the Sensual Sex Level and expand your pleasure using the senses and elements.  Heal from past wounding and learn healthy boundaries. Extend the love-making process allowing for multiple orgasms, increased intimacy and awakening consciousness.  See the beauty in yourself and others.

Level 3  “Igniting your Power™”  – This workshop centers around building confidence in and out of the bedroom, gaining clarity and balancing the ego.  Live and be at choice.  Learn about the Power Sex Level and play with the energies of intensity and role reversal.  Take charge of your pleasure and dive deeper into what satisfies you.  Bond with your internal master.  Move beyond self-limitations and shackles. Own your power and live in freedom.

Level 4  “The Path of Love™” – This workshop centers around past relationship wounds, regret and jealousy.  Explore the benefits of the masculine and feminine and be in balance with both.  Learn about the Emotional Sex Level and discover heart-gasms and the healing power of female ejaculation.  Remember the joy of receiving.  Connect to the flow of life and be open to the gifts that surround you. Love and accept yourself in new ways.

Level 5  “Awakening your Truth™” – This workshop centers around stifled creativity, the inability to speak up or communicate authentically.  Find your voice and speak your truth.  Learn about the Expressive Sex Level and extend the length and intensity of your orgasms and pleasure. Discover how to confidently ask for what you want and gracefully say no to what you don’t want.  Practice breath work for healing blocks and sharing who you are.

Level 6  “Opening to Ecstasy™” – This workshop centers around intuitive blocks, feeling shut down and misunderstandings. Get more in tune your partner’s desires and your own. Learn about the Intuitive Sex Level and experience full body orgasms.   Reach expanded states of consciousness, access universal wisdom and balance your moods.  Discover how to connect on higher levels for the ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.

Level 7  “Living in Oneness™” – This workshop centers around separation, isolation and abandonment.    Discover how to honor the light and shadow of every being.  Learn about the Connected Sex Level and explore energy orgasms.  When you experience oneness with yourself, others and all of creation, it changes your perspective in so many ways.  Live a fulfilling and purposeful life.  Move towards enlightenment and clear baggage quickly.

Zen Tantra  “Blissful Union™” – This workshop centers around lack of deep intimacy, feeling unworthy and being self-focused or repeatedly attracting self- centered partners.  Discover how to transmute energy for maximizing pleasure, sexual healing and transformation.  Learn about the Soul Sex Level and become one with another for the most profound connection, exquisite pleasure and radiant love.  Practice the Microcosmic Orbit and feel energized, satisfied and greater than you could on your own.  Find out how to merge with another on this transcendent level.  (Prerequisite – Zen Tantra Levels 1-7)  This is a 3-day intensive.

Zen Tantra  “Master Sacred Lover™”  – This workshop centers around mastery of sex and spirituality and how to bring those to all areas of your life.  Learn advanced techniques from around the world.  Have all the practice, skills, confidence, and wisdom to be a master sacred lover.  By the end of this training, you will have your own personalized tantric practice.  Become eligible for Zen Tantra Teacher Training. (Prerequisite – Zen Tantra Levels 1-7 and Blissful Union) This is a 5-day intensive.


Premium Course 

       Transformational Tantra – Your relationship to your body and your sexuality are keys to a deeper relationship to the universe and all of life.  Learn everything you need to know to take your sexual connections to new levels of ecstasy and oneness.  As you awaken your passion, you will develop a deep trust in your sexuality and profound transformation on all levels of being.  Come and learn the vital laws, 36 special positions, essence connection, electromagnetic force, silent communication, the clock, healing sexual trauma, extended orgasm, achieving the 10 levels of orgasm, using all six senses in your sexual life, running colors for ecstasy, and so much more.  This is a 7-day intensive.  No pre-requisites required.


Zen Tantra Practitioner™ – This is a year-long course that meets twice a month for 60 to 90 minutes.  The first part of the course is focused on self-healing.  Learn the 7 Levels of Zen Tantra.  Develop your own tantric practice for personal growth, healing and awareness. The second half of the course focuses on learning how to hold space and transmit the energy for your clients.  Ethics, boundaries, protocols and how to structure your sessions will be covered.  Be eligible for Zen Tantra Teacher™ training.  Certificate issued upon successful completion.      

Zen Tantra Teacher™ – This is a year-long course that meets twice a month for 60 to 90 minutes.  You will continue to cultivate your personal practice and healing work.  Acquire a deep understanding of the 7 Zen Tantra™ levels, how to teach them, and how to ethically run tantra workshops.  Receive individual attention to fine tune your skills as a tantra practitioner and teacher. You will have access to my course materials for Zen Tantra levels 1-7 after your training.  Certificate issued upon successful completion.  (Prerequisite – Zen Tantra Levels 1-7 or equivalent)


Mentorship is available for those who want to:  get more in-depth, personalized attention, overcome persistent obstacles or have a big breakthrough.  This is also beneficial or those who are seeking guidance in growing their abilities, skills or professional business.  Mentoring is tailored to the needs of each individual or couple and last anywhere between 4 hours and 2 consecutive weeks. Through mentorship, people typically see huge shifts in all areas of their lives.

My vision is for everyone to live a quality life through conscious awareness, authentic expression, holistic connections and universal love. Help me do this by hosting my workshops in your hometown.  I will work with you to co-create the best workshops that meet your needs (budget, schedule, time and size of group). Let’s connect and discuss our opportunities.


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