Renée recognizes the connections between the body, mind and spirit. The services I offer focus on this holistic approach. All of these must be address in order to fully heal. I envision you overcoming your obstacles and living the life you consciously choose.

Sessions with me occur at my office in San Antonio, TX, over the phone or via Skype. The sessions are tailored to each person’s wants and needs, so the length and frequency vary, most running 1 to 2 hours. Even though we are frequently dealing with serious matters, I co-create a safe, humorous and comfortable atmosphere deep healing to occur. Most people respect my authentic nature and direct, honest approach.

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions

We are more than a physical body. Each of us also have emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Challenges, illnesses and dis-eases are the results of blocks in the energy field in one or more areas of the body. Healing sessions focus on removing and clearing the blocks, resulting in peace of mind, increased energy, healing the past, feeling empowered, managing life easier and having goals to look forward to.

During a healing session, I focus on the wants and needs of the client. I offer a combination of techniques to achieve the goals / outcomes for the session. The following is a list of several healing modalities that I might use during a session: Atlantian Healing, Axiatonal Alignment, Chakra Healing, Conscious Breathing, Core Clearing, Divine Intervention, Electromagnetic Restoration, Hawaiian Huna, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Rising Star, and Tense Touch.


Activations illuminate dormant energies within you. 


Many patterns are stored in our aura.  This clears unhealthy patterns that occurred before the age of 6.


This will show you your path as it shifts you on the soul level and breaks through long-held stuck patterns.  It allows you to move several levels.

Matrix Activations

Your soul set into place 5 matrices before you were born. This process activates: destiny (make higher choices), energy (increase vitality), experience (dissolve illusions), karma (resolves it easier) and soul (activate and/or complete contracts).

Rebel “C”

Many people rebel against what they really want.  Sometimes this is conscious and other times it is unconscious.  This technique helps you overcome the rebelliousness and puts you on the right track.   


An initiation is a simultaneous death and rebirth. An ending of existence on one level drops away as ascension to the next level begins.

Atlantian Initiations

Includes Being One with All, Integrations of a Greater Whole and Magical Knowledge Initiations.

Egyptian Initiations

Includes Isis, Osiris and Ra Initiations. 

Guf Initiation

Receiving this initiation requires 3-6 hours and is one of the most powerful and life-changing transformations that you will ever experience. The Guf works with the powers of creation and uncreation allowing you to manifest with speed and grace.

Mayan Initiations

Healers Initiation. 


Mentorship is available for those who want to:  get more in-depth, personalized attention, overcome persistent obstacles or have a big breakthrough.  This is also beneficial or those who are seeking guidance in growing their abilities, skills or professional business.  Mentoring is tailored to the needs of each individual or couple and last anywhere between 4 hours and 2 consecutive weeks. Through mentorship, people typically see huge shifts in all areas of their lives.

My vision is for everyone to live a quality life through conscious awareness, authentic expression, holistic connections and universal love. Help me do this by hosting my workshops in your hometown.  I will work with you to co-create the best workshops that meet your needs (budget, schedule, time and size of group). Let’s connect and discuss our opportunities.

The subject matter contained on this website is for general information purposes and is not intended or implied to substitute professional medical advice.   Ms. Landers, although well-versed in her field, is not a medical doctor and is unable to give medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. She does not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on any information shared on this site.  Although Ms. Landers works diligently to help clients achieve their goals, there is no guarantee.