Intuitive Consultations

Renée recognizes the connections between the body, mind and spirit. The services I offer focus on this holistic approach. All of these must be address in order to fully heal. I envision you overcoming your obstacles and living the life you consciously choose.

Sessions with me occur at my office in San Antonio, TX, over the phone or via Skype. The sessions are tailored to each person’s wants and needs, so the length and frequency vary, most running 1 to 2 hours. Even though we are frequently dealing with serious matters, I co-create a safe, humorous and comfortable atmosphere deep healing to occur. Most people respect my authentic nature and direct, honest approach.

What are Intuitive Consultations?

What are Intuitive Consultations?

Intuitive consultations are techniques that give insight and understanding to the past, present and future. They can bring awareness to current challenges and blocks as well as provide clarity on a person’s life direction or purpose. The following techniques are some of the more commonly used ones in my practice: akashic records, channeling, gypsy card reading, gypsy palm reading, nameology and numerology. I combine these techniques with my natural intuitive abilities to bring you a personalized consultation.

1 Day Workshops

Gypsy Palm Reading II

Each line, mount, and symbol in your hands reveal something about your goals, desires, talents and personality. This deeper and more expansive class includes past, present and future timelines. This is where you learn to decipher if marriage, children or travel are in your future and what your purpose is. Leave with the tools to be a professional palm reader, or to simply amaze friends and family. (Prerequisite – Gypsy Palm Reading I)

2 Day Workshops

Gypsy Card Reading

My teacher came from a Gypsy bloodline. She uses the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards which stopped production in 1941. Learn to decipher your life and the lives of others in the past, present and future using reproductions of these antique cards. Discover the hidden meaning of the cards. You will practice several different card layouts. All tools provided.

Gypsy Palm Reading I

The curves, shapes and symbols in your hands are the road-map of your life. Learn the major lines and the minor lines in the hands. Discover what your hands reveal about your health, romance, work and finances. Practice giving and receiving readings. This is amazingly accurate.

Psychic Development

Learn the four main types of psychic abilities: seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. Everyone uses 1 or more of these. Understand the strengths and challenges of each type. Receive special activation to open and expand each of these abilities so they can be used easily and at will. Awaken to your own possibilities. Discover techniques to make this usable in everyday life.


Professional Psychic Certification – This is a 6-month training that meets twice a month for 60-90 minutes.  Everyone has natural psychic abilities.  Identify and embrace your gifts in the following areas – seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing.  Discover and clear the blocks preventing you from fully using your abilities. Also, learn to use Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards to enhance your psychic readings (cards provided). Grow your professional confidence and understand the business side of being a professional psychic:  building an ethical business, common pitfalls, setting professional boundaries, and keeping your energy clear.  Certificate issued upon successful completion.

Advanced Professional Psychic Certification – This is a 6-month training that meets twice a month for 60-90 minutes.  Discover the rare psychic abilities of smell and taste to strengthen your readings.  Interpret the auras around people, places and things.  Master the power of psychometry (reading the energy of an object). Access and read the Akashic Records. Receive individualized attention to enrich your practice, achieve your goals and overcome your obstacles.  Certificate issued upon successful completion.


Mentorship is available for those who want to:  get more in-depth, personalized attention, overcome persistent obstacles or have a big breakthrough.  This is also beneficial or those who are seeking guidance in growing their abilities, skills or professional business.  Mentoring is tailored to the needs of each individual or couple and last anywhere between 4 hours and 2 consecutive weeks. Through mentorship, people typically see huge shifts in all areas of their lives.

My vision is for everyone to live a quality life through conscious awareness, authentic expression, holistic connections and universal love. Help me do this by hosting my workshops in your hometown.  I will work with you to co-create the best workshops that meet your needs (budget, schedule, time and size of group). Let’s connect and discuss our opportunities.

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