What People are saying…

“Renée is a graceful shifter. One look into her eyes gets you to your next level. Her words speak clarity; miracles follow.”

Inge K. Bavaria, Germany

“Renée has played a critical role in my healing from major childhood trauma and has created space for expansion and growth that otherwise would not have been possible without her.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to benefit from the rare gifts and techniques she uses in her healing work.  Renée is a Renaissance woman and a pleasure to work with.” Christian W. San Francisco, CA

“While attending the class for emotional healing I experienced a healing from when I was an infant. That means I’ve carried this with me for over 60 years. I felt a rush of water breaking loose in my sinus cavities and flow out my nose. I have been unable to smell things like everyone else but now I was able to smell and felt a tremendous relief. It was a great healing experience! Very thankful to Renée for her amazing abilities.” Susan C. Fredericksburg, TX

“One day at work I burned my hand really bad. I called Renée and she sent me long distance healing and the pain stopped immediately. I did not need to wrap my hand and it didn’t blister. She is the best. I am very grateful for her gifts.”

Sharlene W. San Antonio, TX

“I have been working with Renée for more than 10 years in one-on-one sessions and also in taking classes. She has great insights in how to help people with various problems from physical to mental and spiritual. After every session, I have had a shift in my thoughts / beliefs and have had improvements in my life. Classes are inspiring and are also filled with many healing opportunities. Renée is very trustworthy, honorable and cares greatly for her clients and their improvements. I highly recommend a one-on-one session with her or taking one of the available classes.”

Andrew M. San Antonio, TX

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