Spiritual Workshops

I offer an extensive list of workshops. These are available for individuals and groups. The following descriptions are a general explanation of the workshops.

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2 Hour Workshops


In this introductory class, you will learn to see auras and read past/future lives. You will also learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guides of others as well as loved ones on the other side.

Hawaiian Cord Cutting

An ancient Hawaiian technique that helps you release energetic ties (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) that have kept you stuck and depleted. This clears unhealthy connections between friends, family, loved ones, pets and places. It paves the way for forgiveness.

Karma Coupons

Gain insight into your current karma. Learn how to pay off your karmic debt quickly and easily. Build up the kind of karma you want so that you can utilize it in the future when it matters most.

Soul Pulling

This is a Spanish technique that gathers aspects of the soul that are stuck or lost due to crisis or traumatic experiences from this life-time or another. Through integrating these pieces, you will feel more whole, connected, recharged and excited about life.

3 Hour Workshops

Columbian Healing Lights

This technique originated in Columbia and involves 5 mystical light frequencies that are multidimensional. These include blueprint, ectoplasmic, electromagnetic, plasmic, and X-factor. Each of these heal on different levels and will benefit you in all areas of your life.

Cuddle Parties

Though touch is natural, the skills that make it welcome and enjoyable aren’t taught. This workshop provides a safe, light-hearted setting for people to enjoy educational information on healthy boundaries, communication, and the opportunity to practice giving and receiving platonic touch.

Hopi Technique

The Hopi believed that past hurts are stored in the back of the heart. This technique teaches the body to release trapped energies, often from painful relationships or trauma, and replaces them with healing energy. Afterwards people feel safe, open, expanded, and able to receive more love.

Light Energy Weave

Learn how to weave spirit into matter and matter into spirit. This Mayan technique weaves together the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes through the DNA to remove blockages, obstacles and unhealthy patterns in your life. You will also receive the Master Spiral Activation which brings your desires into manifestation more quickly, easily and gently.

Youthing Ceremony

This ceremony is based upon an ancient African ritual that happens for a short window of time during the annual harvest moon. This is when the energies of the moon and the earth come together in such a way that it allows for physical “youthing” to occur. It rejuvenates your entire body – healing on a cellular level, enhancing your physical appearance and increasing vitality.

4 Hour Workshops

Beginning Light Language

Learn to recognize how we use color and sacred geometry in our thoughts and our communication. Use 7 shaped grids to create instant and long-lasting changes in yourself. This Mayan technique also allows you to change the energy of an object, a room or your home.

Cash Class

Cash is about connection, connection on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is not good or bad; it is neutral. In this class, you will explore common misperceptions about cash, discover the blocks you have to receiving it, and learn how to manifest more of it. Be surprised and amazed as you heal your relationship with cash and manifest with ease.

Velcro Relationships

Learn how co-dependency relates to dis-ease. Discover cutting edge tools to help you break free from the co-dependent relationship cycle, establish healthy boundaries, and how to work through misunderstandings. This is especially powerful in healing issues with your inner circle of family, friends and romantic relationships.

1 Day Workshops

64 Gifts

Mexican healers have identified 64 gifts that are passed to us through our ancestors and our DNA. Even though these are intrinsic to who we are, many of us have not recognized one or more of these gifts. Learn to identify and awaken the gifts that are inside of you.

Cutting the Cords

We all have energetic cords or attachments to people, places or things. When left unchecked, unhealthy cords strengthen and result in negative emotions, addictions, and toxicity in relationships. You may experience this as feeling burdened or drained. You will learn about the different types of cords and many techniques to remove them, freeing up your energy.

Heart Healings

Learn 5 different techniques for healing the heart on every level. Move through deep seated wounds and emotions by: reprogramming the heart energies and bringing in wholeness, filling in spaces where nurturing did not occur, pouring love into your heart to remember love’s true potential, balancing the flow between the head and heart, and opening up your heart energies to remove numbness so that you can fully experience life.

Beginning Light Language

Secret of the Mexican Shamans – On the subconscious level we are constantly sending out prayers to the universe through mundane actions such as breathing, eating and walking, etc. We often ignore these acts. The way we approach these actions account for 50% of our manifestations. This Mayan technique allows you to create an automatic and ongoing manifestation of the things that really matter to you in your life.

Silent Abuse

Unnamed expectations, holding back love, and not apologizing are just a few forms of silent abuse. Learn what silent abuse is and how it impacts your life. Practice skills and techniques that increase your self-esteem and help you to step into your personal power.

Tense Touch

Memories and traumas are stored in our bodies – in the organs, tissues and cells as well as our energy fields. Repressed and suppressed memories often are sources of discomfort or illness. Learn how to use touch to release stored memories from the body. As they are freed, experience more joy and happiness in your life and balanced perspective to what is remembered

2 Day Workshops

Altering Your Matrix

Would you like to consciously co-create your life? Use activators, integrators, anchors, essences, enchantments, angels and shades to create a structured quantum field for your life experiences. Learn to manifest using cubes and high magic.

Boogie Busting

There are entities that live with people and can attach to houses, land or even personal possessions. When your life force is being shared, some of the common symptoms are depleted energy, memory lapses, having two or more opinions about most things, or isolating from friends and family. Discover how to identify and get rid of them permanently.

Electromagnetic Restoration

This powerful Colombian process clears the aura of distortions caused by electromagnetic input, belief systems, patterns and stored traumas. This technique reaches deeply into the auric field assisting the physical, emotional and mental bodies to move into alignment.

Energetic Facelift

This is a transformational technique that revitalizes energies in the skin to restore health and radiance. It heals at a cellular level without the use of creams, injections or surgery. By the end of class, you will notice a visible difference in the look and health of your skin. Also experience the expansion and drawing out of your own inner beauty.

Future Healing

Most of us recognize diseases that run in the family. Future healing is sending now-time healing energy into your future to accumulate and saturate a part of your future self. Learn how to send energy in present day to the future so that you have a healing “reserve” to use when, or if, it is needed.

Hawaiian Huna (Level I through VI)

Hawaiian Shamans have passed down their wisdom and knowledge, some say for over 35,000 years. Hawaiian Huna is based on the ancient concept of Ho’omana, which is translated as empowerment. Ho’omana is a combination of two words – “ho’o” means to make and “mana” means life force. These workshops connect you to the life force energy found within and teaches ways to use this energy for personal empowerment. Workshops are to be taken in consecutive order.

Level I “Awakening the Power Within™”

Learn about the 3 levels of the mind (conscious, subconscious and superconscious) and how to utilize them. Discover the life-changing technique of cord cutting to free yourself and others from unwanted energies. Study the elements and how to use them in healing. Experience the Crystal Initiation. Receive advanced energy healing symbols and enjoy practicing healing sessions.

Level II “The Journey Continues™”

Learn to connect with your higher self to manifest with ease. Use a divination tool (a pendulum) to receive valuable information about yourself and others. Identify and discover the purpose of your animal totem. Grow in your understanding of chakras and the significance of each. Learn a powerful technique to remove thought forms from yourself and others. Receive the next set of symbols. Experience the Sun and Moon initiation.

Level III “Experience the Magic™”

Learn to awaken, program and cleanse crystals and how to use them in your life. Perform elemental rituals to create change in yourself and others. Receive a Magical initiation. Discover the ancient technique of soul recovery that will allow you to bring back lost parts of the self. Learn to communicate higher-self to higher-self with another for healing. Bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies.

Level IV “The Way of the Kahuna™”

Experience the meditative and healing effects of chanting. Receive the Dolphin Initiation. Learn Part’s Integration that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. Discover the Hawaiian way of sacred sexuality. Practice candle rituals for healing. Utilize the Immediate Results technique to get what you want now.

Level IV “The Way of the Kahuna™”

Experience the meditative and healing effects of chanting. Receive the Dolphin Initiation. Learn Part’s Integration that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. Discover the Hawaiian way of sacred sexuality. Practice candle rituals for healing. Utilize the Immediate Results technique to get what you want now.

Level V “Learning to Consciously Create™”

Receive initiations to expand prosperity and wealth. Experience the psychological benefits of Hawaiian meditation. Meet and work with your Huna Healing Angels. Discover how to clear and cleanse your home, keeping it sacred. Adjust time with the Speed Up and the Slow Down techniques. Explore deep shadow removal work.

Outrageous Mate Magnet

Breakthrough to a new understanding of what is possible in a mate. Discover and remove the fears, hidden obstacles and blocks that have prevented you from attracting your mate. Learn exercises to heal from the past and create what you really want. Understand the purpose of divine timing. Transform your frustration into enjoyment of the journey!

12 Initiations of Mastery

An initiation jump starts a new energy within a person bringing about long-term changes in consciousness. There are different lineages that hold the teachings and downloads for a variety of initiations. The Druids hold the knowledge of 144 initiations which are placed into 12 categories. You will get to choose one initiation from each category.

3 Day Workshops

Intermediate Light Language

Learn to write 49 shaped grids for cash, relationships, purpose, spiritual growth and much more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Discover how to work with the original cause of dis-ease in your life and learn to rewrite the script. (Prerequisite – Beginning Light Language)

Matrix Activations

There are 5 matrices that you set into place before you were born: destiny, energy, experience, karma and soul. Learn techniques to assist others in making clearer destiny choices, increasing their vitality, dissipating any illusions, moving through their current karma more quickly and easily, and activating or completing some of their soul contracts.

5 Day Workshops

Advanced Light Language

Learn to write 144 shaped grids using 80 powerful sacred geometries and 144 colors to co-create shifts on all levels. Rewrite your personal blueprint. Discover how to create changes in your immediate environment and how to expand that to the greater world. (prerequisite – Intermediate Light Language)

DNA Level I 12 Strand DNA Anchoring and Restructuring

Our DNA is a set of instructions that tell the body what to do, build, create, and how to be. Discover the curandero the names for 12 strands and their locations in your energy field. Realize the relationship between your DNA and your past lives. Learn a hands-on technique for identifying strands in your energy field that accelerating healing and the DNA Mapping Technique for yourself and others. Your DNA is rewriting itself in every moment! Choose to rewrite your genetic script as you liberate your bloodline from unhealthy paradigms and create new and healthy ones in your life and in the lives of others.

DNA Level II Your Essence Revealed

Many human beings today carry the DNA of one or more of the 12 Essences within them. The Twelve Essences of Astaria include such beings as angels, aliens, wizards, and more. The Essence DNA has lain dormant within us for thousands of years. If you are reading this, it is likely that you carry active DNA from one or more of the 12 Essences. Learn what it does and how it manifests in your body and in your life. Discover the 12-Chakra System for activating Essence DNA, including each chakra’s definition and location. Find out the names of 12 subtle bodies and where they send energy to the DNA plus the 12 vibrational words that activate DNA. Gain the ability to create Advanced DNA Charts for yourself and others. (prerequisite DNA Level I)

DNA Level III Divine Coding

Crystallizations within neural pathways can nterfere with the divine code and cause it to become inactive. When this happens, e are more likely to step into a state of reaction instead of action. In this class you ill discover clearing processes to remove these crystallizations for increased well-being and enhanced spiritual awareness. You will learn: empowered Godform healing for DNA, the Star-based origins of human DNA, the effect DNA has on brain chemistry and techniques for shifting it, 40 body points for altering DNA and the Mysteries of the 13th Tribe. You will receive initiations and activations for: expanded healing abilities, psychic opening, channeling, dowsing, paranormal gifts, self-transcendence and Pleiadian connections. (prerequisite DNA Level II)

Premium Classes

Dimensional Healing – We will be exploring the 144 dimensions in depth, creating profound shifts on every level.  Discover why certain issues haven’t resolved in yourself and others.  Learn hidden places where dis-ease, entities and trauma exist and how to dissolve them.  Receive powerful healing in each of the dimensions.  Dive deeper and access core issues.  New dimensional places will be taught.  This is a 22-day intensive.  Meals and lodging included.

Dimensional Mastery – You will learn about the untapped powers of the brain and mind. As vast as they are, they pale in comparison to the untapped power of the soul.  Each of us carries within them the ability to navigate the time space continuum.  The human race needs to let go of self-imposed limitations of what is possible and impossible.  Now is the time to move onto bigger things that affect the masses and the well-being of all on this planet.  It has been prophesied that in this century we will see a difference in the way we move from place to place.  The way that we elect an official will move to a level based on truth and integrity.  We will clear pollution.  We will change the court system.  With extensive training in dimensional mastery and deep personal work, we are able to jump to the forefront of this shift.  You need not have blind faith, for by the end of the month you will have the experiences that speak of a Third-eye Century.  Experience 144 Dimensions, levitation, teleportation, high magic from several traditions, universal laws, ethics, WOW phenomena and field trips as our vibration allows.  This is a 30-day intensive.  Meals and lodging included. 

Divine Intervention – This originated with the Mayans and Aztecs and has been passed down through over a 1,000-year-old unbroken lineage from teacher to student.  Divine Intervention may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that calls together the forces of nature and Heaven, hand in hand.  It’s where the impossible, isn’t.  This class includes: accessing higher dimensions and frequencies, energy anatomy, creating and maintaining sacred space, hands-on practice, long-distance healing techniques, service, deep emotional transformation, universal laws, spiritual ethics, client protocols, how to build your healing practice, energetically prepared meals and surprises.  Receive ministry ordination and certification upon completion.  This is a 14-day intensive.  Meals and lodging included. 

Original Cause of Disease – Not all dis-ease starts in the physical body.  It often manifests in the spiritual, mental or emotional bodies first.  Other times it is karmic, genetic, past-life or dimensional, etc.  Discover what the name of the dis-ease says.  Learn how to interpret the dis-eases in yourself and others, as well as support people in their healing process.  This is a 6-day intensive.

Web Working – This is a holistic way of working in the subtle bodies.  Learn to expand your own innate psychic abilities to identify and work with the energy bodies.  Techniques include: removing devices and implants, aligning the etheric body, removing discarnates and boogies, rescinding vows and curses, healing past life and current issues, and dissolving whirlpools and vortexes.  You will also learn how to make this a business if you choose.  This is an experiential training, so you will be giving and receiving these techniques, often resulting in massive personal shifts and growth.  This is a 14-day intensive.          

The 7 Lost Lights – In the beginning, in Eden, Adam and Eve had everything. Then along came the snake and the “forbidden fruit” and Adam and Eve walked  out to discover the world. They could not do this in their whole and complete  state because it left no space for knowledge to come in.  Each of them left   behind seven pieces of light which contained part of their essence. People can receive and access the Lost Lights through initiation. You will learn genetic clearing of crystallized energies, shifting electromagnetic charges, techniques for becoming pure light, the “innernet”, clearing your records, flow and follow through, the bipolar technique and so much more.  This is a 7-day intensive.



Professional Healer – This training is for anyone who desires to be a healer or for those who want to take their energy work to the next level. It’s a year-long training where we meet twice a month for 60 to 90 minutes.  You will receive training in several energy healings from around the world.   Additionally, learn how to facilitate transformation in yourself and others.  Stay clear and energized by establishing healthy boundaries and communication.  Gain the skills to run an ethical and professional business.  Navigate working with difficult clients and how to handle being triggered.  Certificate issued upon successful completion.

Spiritual Teacher – This training is for healers who want to be of service to others and spiritual leaders in the world.  It’s a year-long training that meets twice a month for 60-90 minutes. We will be diving into the dynamics and qualities of being an authentic, ethical and professional spiritual teacher.  In addition, learn to teach 9 workshops of your choosing:  three 2-4 hour, three 1 day long and three 2 day.  Certificate issued upon successful completion.  (prerequisite – Professional Healer Certification or equivalent)


Mentorship is available for those who want to: get more in-depth, personalized attention, overcome persistent obstacles or have a big breakthrough. This is also beneficial or those who are seeking guidance in growing their abilities, skills or professional business. Mentoring is tailored to the needs of each individual or couple and last anywhere between 4 hours and 2 consecutive weeks. Through mentorship, people typically see huge shifts in all areas of their lives.

My vision is for everyone to live a quality life through conscious awareness, authentic expression, holistic connections and universal love. Help me do this by hosting my workshops in your hometown. I will work with you to co-create the best workshops that meet your needs (budget, schedule, time and size of group). Let’s connect and discuss our opportunities.

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