Enlightening Intimacy is here to help you become more satisfied and fulfilled in your relationships, from the physical to the spiritual.

I have combined multiple modalities with my intuitive and healing abilities in a way that helps you discover the light inside your darkest moments and the gift that awaits you when you when you take the journey to Enlightening Intimacy with yourself and others.


Certified Sexologist


Certified Tantra Educator


Certified Sex Coach


Certified Love/Intimacy Coach


Certified Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples


Some of the ways I can support you:

Private Sessions

I work by phone, skype, or in person at my office in San Antonio, TX.

How to get started:

I make a few times in my schedule open each month for a complimentary Discover the Light Session with me. We’ll connect so I can learn more about you and share how I can help you through this difficult time.

Group Workshops

Coming Soon! I will begin to offer group workshops in various topics around Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. You can learn about upcoming workshops by joining my list. Simply download my FREE REPORT and you’ll automatically get announcements for my workshops.

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